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Published date: 27 January 2012 |
Published by: Emma Mackintosh
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Bombay Bicycle Club
Leave It
Universal Island Records – out now

THIS song is all over the radio at the moment and has been for the past month, so you can't have missed it.
Bombay Bicycle Club sold out their UK album tour and are taking to the road once again in a couple of months. They're even playing at a hilariously named Hong Kong festival called Clockenflap. If you haven't got the album yet, get it (this single is an ideal taster). Meanwhile they’re hitting Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Tuesday, April 17.

Jason Derulo
Fight For You
Warner Bros – out now

FOR most people this is just another generic pop/R&B song which just so happens to sample Toto's 'Africa'.
And those people would be perfectly correct. This song alone has three producers and two writers, apart from the chaps from Toto. I don't really understand why it took so many people to make this generic bilge when I'm sure there are 15-year-old kids with laptops who could whip this up.
Then again I guess there is a reason why Jason Derulo and RedOne are bazillionaires.

Theme Park
Luv Luv Luv Records – out now

HELLO, is Cindy Lauper there? She'd like her backing track back…
These lot are good fun and I'm sure, if asked whether they do in fact want to have fun, they'd reply "That's all I really want." 
The single 'Milk' is pretty and bouncy and so achingly fashionable that it made me feel a bit too shabby to be listening to it. But it put a smile on my face. If it was made 20 years earlier Molly Ringwald would definitely be twirling around to 'Milk' in a Brat Pack movie.

Chris Isaak
Live It Up
Rhino Records UK/Wicked Game Records-–out now

IF you're planning on hosting a vintage rock'n'roll party you really ought to give Chris Isaak a call. This man's got soul. Names like Elvis and Johnny Cash are inevitably going to be bandied about and indeed the press release accompanying the single is littered with them - but really that isn't important.
This is old-fashioned rock'n'roll that your parents will love and which will get tipsy people everywhere up and dancing.
Impressively, Chris's album 'Live It Up', released on Monday, was produced by the man himself and features a vast number of musicians with exciting names like Rowland Salley and Hershel Yatovitz, Scott Plunkett and Rafael Padilla.


Lianne La Havas
Warner Bros – out February 13

AT just 22 years old Lianne La Havas is an intimidating artist. She has a smooth Kelly Rowland style voice, but the kind of edge which I am sure the late Amy Winehouse would have appreciated, and she's funny too.
Confirmed as one of the 15 artists in the BBC Sound of 2012 - a feat which proved very, very lucrative for Adele and Jessie J - this girl is sure to go from strength to strength. One of the songs on this four-track EP was recorded entirely using Garage Band as well, so hats off to the girl.
Catch her at Birmingham's Glee Club on March 12.

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