UFOs filmed over Denbigh

Published date: 22 February 2012 |
Published by: Kirstie Dolphin
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NEW footage of a UFO sighting over Denbigh has gone global after becoming a YouTube internet hit.

14 year-old Nathan Thomas from Bryn Garth, Denbigh was disturbed by a storm on January 3 at 3am and looked out his bedroom window when he heard a loud bang.

But what Nathan saw was more than a storm, it was an array of flashing white lights in the sky, spinning round in circles and better yet, he caught it on camera.

The two minutes of footage has gone viral on YouTube with 204,000 hits and 926 comments so far.

The Free Press has exclusively seen a further six minutes of the video which is not online.

“When I saw the lights I looked back into my room in case it was something reflecting onto the glass, but I opened the window and they were definitely in the sky,” said Nathan.

His mother Linda Pritchard who also saw the lights described them as amazing and said they were circulating over two houses in Bryn Garth which backs onto Cae Howell playing field, Denbigh.

“Nathan got a video camera for Christmas and it was the first thing he videoed,” she said.

“He woke me up, and his brother Alex and my grand-daughter Kiera, we all witnessed it, we were shaking and the dog kept barking.

“Nathan’s first thought was this is a space-ship, the police just said it was lampers, but how can it be lampers at 3am and it is definitely in the sky,” said Ms Pritchard.

The footage has become so popular an American TV show called, Fake or Faked: Paranormal files have contacted the family to offer them payment to use the extraordinary scenes.

The Fact or Faked: Paranormal files filmographer David Lizama from Burbank, California searched for the family after seeing the video on YouTube and said he wants to show his producer the footage for a potential case.

“It was a disc shape and I could see mini explosions in the light but it definitely wasn’t fire works because we had the window open and there was no sound,” said Nathan’s brother, Alex Thomas.

“After we stopped filming we watched it for about half an hour and then next minute it was on an angle and was spinning and then it just stopped, the lights went out and it was gone,” said Alex.

The TV programme which is aired on the Syfy channel is about experts who investigate internet evidence of paranormal activity, and will re-enact and analyse all the information.

“I want them to show the whole world what we have seen, it’s absolutely amazing and we will probably never experience anything like it again,” said Ms Pritchard.

Another UFO sighting was reported by Graham Evans on Wednesday, February 1, this year over Denbigh Castle.

“There is a hot spot for sightings in this area and there is a Denbigh triangle where things have been seen,” said Scott Felton of Conwy UFO group.

“Since two sightings have been seen and captured in the space of a month, it could possibly be the same UFO,” he said.

Another American TV show and website, Right This Minute, has also contacted the family to discuss using the footage.

“The Americans are desperate for the video, they love it over there, it’s gone global and they haven’t even seen the extra footage yet,” said Ms Pritchard.

“But it will always be Nathan’s footage, we will have it copy-righted so people can pay to use the video but it will always belong to Nathan,” she said.

The family contacted the police the morning after the sighting and they confirmed there were no helicopters out on January 3.

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  1. Posted by: deadhead1971 at 14:05 on 22 February 2012 Report

    The footage is very interesting, but has everyone forgotten what U.F.O. actually stands for? The U is for Unidentified. People seem terribly keen on jumping straight to the conclusion that extraterrestrial intelligence is involved, which seems to be a massive leap of false reasoning. Loved the footage though. I wonder what it actually was?

  2. Posted by: wellman at 11:15 on 23 February 2012 Report

    deadhead !! and wellman!! thats a good start......... their is surely something o ut there in space they know us or they know where we are, we need to catch up...... if ever. GR8 story the "press" is certainly hot on the trail of space and the ghosthunters.

  3. Posted by: postlady at 20:21 on 23 February 2012 Report

    like Wellman, I believe there must be something else out there, why would earth be the only planet with life, I just don't understand why no contact is made.

  4. Posted by: deadhead1971 at 12:41 on 24 February 2012 Report

    The probability that life has evolved elsewhere in the Universe may be quite high, given there are billions of galaxies out there. There are a hundred billion stars within our own galaxy. The biggest problem is the distances involved. The nearest stars to our solar system are 4 light years away, and we've not detected any radio signals, which would be the first sign of intelligent life developing technology.

  5. Posted by: wellman at 15:46 on 24 February 2012 Report

    radio signals are what we are capable of detecting.... but what if................???

  6. Posted by: deadhead1971 at 21:29 on 24 February 2012 Report

    What if what? What if they exist in a dimension where the known electromagnetic spectrum doesn't apply, you mean? That tips the balance of improbability all the way over into complete absurdity, surely?

  7. Posted by: deadhead1971 at 22:40 on 24 February 2012 Report

    What if what? What if they exist in a dimension where the known electromagnetic spectrum doesn't apply, you mean? That tips the balance of improbability all the way over into complete absurdity, surely?

  8. Posted by: wellman at 17:51 on 26 February 2012 Report

    The earth is round, it was an absurdity once, flying to the moon, it was an absurdity once.................all is possible , all is unknown

  9. Posted by: omicron7 at 13:15 on 05 March 2012 Report

    St Elmos Fire (static) on TV aerial caused by high wind / friction.


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