Llangollen Sainsbury’s cafe ban lifted

Published date: 07 January 2013 |
Published by: Helen Davies
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A BAN on a cafe in the new Llangollen Sainsbury’s has been lifted.

Planning permission for the controversial multi-million pound development was granted in September, subject to a series of conditions.

A meeting of Denbighshire County Council’s planning committee has now reconsidered some of these restrictions.

Amongst them is the condition forbidding a cafe in the supermarket, it will now be allowed as long as it does not exceed five per cent of the total floorspace of the foodstore.

The decision was made despite objections from residents and business owners, who fear it would impact on other similar establishments in the town centre.

A report by planning officers said: “Representations on the application refer to between 20 and 30 cafe/restaurant/food outlets in the town, which suggest there is a fairly high demand for such facilities from existing residents and visitors to the town.

“In this context, there is an argument that one additional cafe facility in a foodstore some 500 metres to the west of the main street is unlikely in reality to pose a direct threat to between 20 and 30 established businesses in the town, any more than an additional cafe which may open in the town centre, which would give rise to further competition between businesses.”

The planning committee also voted on whether or not to grant changes to several conditions relating to the new Dobson and Crowther envelope manufacturing facility in Llangollen, which was also approved in September.

Amongst the changes was that the factory will now be allowed to operate on Sundays.

The planning report said: “Officers consider the noise controls imposed by other conditions on the permission are adequate to protect the interests of residents and the additional activity which may be involved would not justify the refusal of the
deletion and variations proposed.”

Nick Scott from J Ross Developments said work on the new Dobson and Crowther site was expected to start in spring this year with the new supermarket commencing after that.

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  1. Posted by: if-you-ask-me at 16:04 on 10 January 2013 Report

    Are Denbighshire council hoping that by banning a cafe they can keep llangollen alive with the few cafes there are in the town. Its not going to make any difference the town is already doomed now.

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