Ruthin Town Council’s no confidence vote in health board

Published date: 27 February 2013 |
Published by: Helen Davies
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RUTHIN Town Council has passed a motion of no confidence in Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

It was announced last month that Ruthin Community Hospital will lose its minor injuries unit and X-ray services department following a controversial consultation.

Ruthin town councillor Anne Roberts proposed a motion at Monday evening’s town council meeting which read: “This council has lost confidence in the ability of the senior management of the BCUHB to deliver adequate services to the people of Ruthin.

“We call upon the Welsh Government Health Minister to intervene, reject decisions taken by BCUHB and to take direct control over the National Health Service in North Wales.”

Cllr Roberts told the meeting: “I’ve brought this motion because I believe the council should stand up to be counted and we owe it to the residents to do that.”

She raised concerns about costs for transport to hospitals further away as well as bed shortages and waiting times at the larger sites.

Ruthin mayor Councillor Emrys Wynne said he was not happy with the lack of response from the board during the consultation.

“They give the impression that they haven’t listened at all, especially to the residents of Ruthin,” he said.

Gareth Thomas spoke as a member of the public to the meeting and said he was “disappointed about the tenure of the debate” and “the personal nature of the criticisms by politicians who should have known better”.

He said BCUHB had limited resources and so “has to cut its cloth according to what’s available”.

“I do feel this motion is a little over the top,” he said.

Cllr Elizabeth Culshaw replied: “I think the fact that we’ve had 3,500 signatures out of a population of 5,000 says it all quite frankly.

“We’ve been elected by the people of Ruthin to do something about this dreadful state of affairs.”

Cllr Simeon Jones said he thought members needed to remember that “running any business these days under the constraints there are is not an easy matter” and said he had concerns over the strong wording of the motion.

“I don’t disagree that we have to complain in the strongest possible terms about the way the consultation was carried out,” he added.

Councillors then voted and the motion was passed.

Those voting for the motion were Cllr Anne Roberts, Cllr Elizabeth Culshaw, Cllr June Derry, Cllr Stephen Beech, Cllr Rosie Hughes-Mosely and Cllr Emrys Wynne.

Voting against the motion was Cllr Ken Hawkins and Cllr Menna Jones.

The following members abstained from the vote: Cllr Bob Costain, Cllr Robert Owen-Ellis, Cllr Sioned Foulkes, Cllr James Bryan and Cllr Simeon Jones.

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