Parents have their say on school merger

Published date: 26 June 2013 |
Published by: Matt Jones
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EVENING drop-in sessions will be held over plans to replace St Brigid’s School in Denbigh and Rhyl’s Blessed Edward Jones High School.

The schools will stay open for the next six years before being replaced by a joint faith-based school in Rhuddlan or Bodelwyddan.

Denbighshire Council, the Diocese of Wrexham and the Diocese of St Asaph are holding the sessions for parents of pupils at schools affected by the proposal.

Sessions will follow the format often used for school parents’ evenings to encourage as many parents as possible to share their views on the proposal.

No appointments are necessary but parents are advised not to leave it too late to ensure they have their say.

Cllr Eryl Williams, Denbighshire’s lead member for education, said: “This is an opportunity for parents from the affected schools to ask questions and get across
their views in a relaxed, informal setting.

“It’s important that they engage in the formal consultation process so that we can get as full a picture as possible of their thoughts on the proposal.

“We hope the ‘parents’ evening’ format will encourage as many parents as possible to come along.”

Consultation meetings have already taken place with teachers, staff and governors of Blessed Edward Jones and St Brigid’s School.

The focus of the consultation will now shift towards the views of parents of the two schools together with those of Ysgol Mair, St Asaph VP, Ysgol Esgob Morgan and Ysgol Trefnant; primary schools from which pupils often transfer to Blessed Edward Jones and St Brigid’s.

Experts from Denbighshire and the two Dioceses will be available to meet with parents to discuss their thoughts and answer individual questions.

The consultation is open until July 22 and is available at

The first drop in session took place at St Brigid’s School yesterday.

The remaining sessions will take place at:
Blessed Edward Jones, Rhyl - Wednesday, today, 5-8pm.
St Asaph Leisure Centre, St Asaph - Tuesday, July 2, 5-7pm.
Ysgol Mair, Rhyl, Wednesday, July 3, 5-7pm.

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  1. Posted by: againstthemerger at 20:45 on 26 June 2013 Report

    very concerned with this report. its dated - the st brigids meeting was yesterday and we did not follow the parents evening format. What DCC wanted was a divide and conquer format - tell differing people different things and appease us all. It was clear from the meeting that the vast majority - if not all, were completely opposed to this merger. Why merged two schools for a minimum of 5 years when the money is not guaranteed. Fools!

  2. Posted by: Pooch at 15:33 on 28 June 2013 Report

    The article is misleading and doesn't represent both sides.I thought this was meant to be consultation. Information published is pre-emptive & shows the County Council have already decided the outcome. LISTEN TO US... ! All they are doing is ticking boxes. This article reads as a done deal... Bearing in mind the meeting was held at St Brigid's between 6-9 pm on Tuesday night, it is amazing that copy was out and circulated overnight... !

  3. Posted by: Loooooo at 15:55 on 28 June 2013 Report

    Can’t believe this article! It reads like a done deal and we are only in the consultation period. We will continue to fight this and please get your facts right before printing. This is very misleading and totally wrong and unfair to print and only gives the council’s and the diocese’s point of view. Please reprint the truth during this CONSULTATION period.

  4. Posted by: truth seeker at 20:16 on 28 June 2013 Report

    This report is incorrect. The meeting at St. Brigid’s was an open forum so all views were heard. With regards to a new build in the next six years, the children’s document states“ after a few years we will speak to you again & ask you if you think we should build a new school” There is no assurance that a new school will even be built! Stop allowing yourselves to be fed incorrect, biased & mis-leading information & get out there and find out the truth of what this is really about

  5. Posted by: House at 08:54 on 01 July 2013 Report

    I was very disappointed in this article about the proposed faith merger. The article did not reflect the true feelings of the parents, and students. It was clear that everyone were unhappy about the proposals and the consultation document was obviously flawed. The 'Modernising education team' struggled to answer questions satisfactorily. I suggest that reporters take time to get the facts first.

  6. Posted by: Sally at 09:10 on 01 July 2013 Report

    I am very concerned about the biased information being circulated by the media with regards to St. Brigid's school. I feel that the school is being made a scapegoat for other schools with surplus places. St. Brigid's has a waiting list! I also feel that many comments made at the numerous meetings have been heard but not listened to.

  7. Posted by: mmaloney1427 at 09:17 on 01 July 2013 Report

    I was disappointed to read this one sided biased vue on this story. You have stated that the two schools WILL merge this is a formal consultation not a done deal. Your story is very misleading and surely whoever reported this biased vue needs to hear both sides.

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