Healthy surplus from Denbighshire's National Eisteddfod

Published date: 03 December 2013 |
Published by: Shane Brennan
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DENBIGHSHIRE’S National Eisteddfod had a surplus of £76,000 following this year’s successful festival.

At its council meeting in Aberystwyth on Saturday the people of Denbighshire were thanked for their support for the National Eisteddfod.

At the same meeting Prion man Eifion Lloyd Jones was elected the new chairman of the National Eisteddfod committee.

Mr Lloyd Jones said:  “I am so pleased that Denbighshire has done so well. It’s a great start to my tenure.

“So much effort was put into the event by people across the region so it is great to see their efforts pay off.”

Chief executive, Elfed Roberts said: “Thank you to everyone in the Denbighshire area who worked tirelessly to make this year’s Eisteddfod a success.

“Not only did they support the festival itself, they also showed their support and commitment for the whole of the two year community project.”

Chairman of Denbighshire County Council, Raymond Bartley said the county has much to be proud of.

He said: “The Eisteddfod was a wonderful success and is a great credit to all of the people involved. It was agreat week for the county that we can all be proud of. Wherever I travel in Wales people still comment on what a success the people of
Denbighshire made of it.

“It has been a great boost for the culture and language of Wales.”

The local fund helps to pay for the festivasl every year.

Local residents and communities undertake fundraising work across Denbighshire.
This year their efforts raised 111 per cent of the target of £300,000.

Mr Roberts added: “We thank the people of Denbighshire and the surrounding area, and to thank the council for all their efforts and help over the past two years.

“A number of new initiatives helped to make this years Eisteddod a unique experience.

“This year we created new partnerships for young people including caffi maes and the Children’s Literature Festival aimed at getting children interested in reading and literature.

“The festival itself attracted over 153,700 visitors, with the number of visitors on the Friday breaking all previous records, as 28,237 people came to the Maes, many to enjoy Edward H Dafis’ final gig, one of the highlights of the festival.

Mr Roberts added: “It would be difficult to mention the Eisteddfod at Denbigh without referring the crowd on Friday evening, as thousands of people flocked to the Maes to enjoy Edward H Dafis’ final gig.

“It was such a special and emotional evening with the performance stage coming into its own as a large scale venue in its own right.”

“Many people have told me that the atmosphere on the Maes on Friday night was special and that they will remember the evening forever.

“Many others felt the same way about the exhibition at this year’s Lle Celf, Denbigh Seven. Paying tribute to the important role the North Wales Hospital played in the lives of many people in Denbighshire and across the north, the exhibition caught the imagination of many people during the week.

Mr Roberts concluded by saying: “We therefore, yet again this year, pay the highest tribute to local people our volunteers.”

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