Trefnant residents unit to halt Post Office move

Published date: 13 December 2013 |
Published by: Kirstie Dolphin
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A COMMUNITY is campaigning to save the village Post Office from moving eight metres.

A petition has been launched to fight against Trefnant’s Post Office moving into the Trefnant Store next door.

The subpostmistress Brenda Bland, who works alongside Margaret Williams who runs the shop in the same building, said: “I was led to believe that I would have the Post Office for about two years, until Margaret’s lease is up in November 2016.

“I had a phonecall from the Post Office about it just before I was going on holiday but was told they wouldn’t do anything until I was back.

“But while I was away they started the consultation.”

A petition has been launched against the relocation as residents fear the shop may also close.

Margaret, who has worked in the shop for 18 years, said: “I don’t know what will happen to the shop until it happens but I will try to carry on and hope.

“I feel overwhelmed by the support of the community.”

Margaret currently receives free business rates because of the Post Office and money towards her bills.

Trefnant resident Gareth Cookson, who started the campaign, said: “I could not just sit back and not do anything about it.

“The Post Office is portraying this as a done deal which is misleading.”

Gareth has also set up a new website, for those who want to follow or join the campaign.

Trefnant residents are also worried as the Trefnant Store is currently up for sale.

Selwyn Evans said: “What if the people who buy the store don’t want a Post Office inside, then we could lose our Post Office completely.”

Concerned resident Val Roberts said: “We don’t like the way the consultation is being managed.

“We could lose our paper shop because of this.”

Daureen Roberts, Trefnant, said: “Maragret is a key part of the community and we need her here" and Mark Hatenboer, from Trefnant, said: “It is a disgrace if they move".

Anthony Griffith, from Trefnant, said: “I think that the notice we’ve been given is unacceptable.

“They have not taken into account the affects it will have on the existing business there.

“It is Beaurocratic nonsense.”

Maureen Leonard, Trefnant, said: “Margaret only has two years to go, it is a life line to her.

“It is such a shame.

“I think it would be a great loss.

“The shop has been here about 65 years, and now we could lose it.”

Tudor Evans, Trefnant, said: “I do not want to see it move or see Maragret leave.

“They should let her have her time in the village rather than push her out.

“It is a marriage the shop and the Post Office they go together.”
The petition, on the shop counter, has more than 300 signatures and is available to sign at

There will be a six week public consultation, which closes on January 3.

Norman Drinkwater, owner of Trefnant Store, said: “The Post Office/newspaper shop in its current position is up for sale and has been for a number of years, and I was about to make a formal offer to purchase it, but this campaign has put that on hold, probably for good."

A Post Office spokesman said the move is to create an open plan style branch with extended opening hours.

The spokesman added: “The proposal we have put forward aims to secure services locally into the longer term and in doing so to significantly increase the opening hours for our customers.

“We welcome feedback from customers and interested parties about our proposal and all feedback received by the closing date will be fully considered before a final decision is made.”

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