Calls for fox hunting ban to be relaxed

Published date: 31 December 2013 |
Published by: Kirstie Dolphin
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FARMERS and hunt supporters have called for a relaxation of the hunting ban as it’s affecting livestock.

As hundreds of Boxing Day hunts took place, farmers and supporters have said the Government should ease the hunting ban as foxes are attacking lambs.

The current hunting ban means two dogs can be used to flush out a fox from its den and then be shot.

Jeremy Reed, Master of the Flint and Denbigh Hunt, believes the ban on fox hunting should be altered.

He said: “In the higher lands it’s sheep country and foxes need to be controlled and farmers need to use more than two hounds to do this.

“The law is not working. It has prejudiced a section of the country.

“I get a number of farmers ringing me up and asking can what can I do to help but I have to say I can not do anything.”

The coalition agreement includes a commitment to a free vote on the repeal of the Hunting Act and the department for environment, food and rural affairs (DEFRA) said it will consider a proposal from farmers to amend the Hunting Act.

But Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner said the Government has done nothing to address the “illiberal, unjust and divisive law”.

Huw Williams, a farmer from Llanbedr DC, said: “I totally agree with lifting the ban on using hounds to flush out foxes so they could be shot humanely.

“The fox is not a cuddly pet it's a pest of the countryside that needs controlling.
“If you had ever seen hens slaughtered by foxes or new born lambs killed for the fun of it you would maybe not understand why the last Government had to interfere with British tradition.”

NFU rural affairs board chairman, Bernard Llewellyn, said: “Many NFU Cymru members in Wales farm adjacent to or near extensive afforested areas which provide ideal cover for foxes.

“Flushing out foxes to waiting guns in these areas does indeed require more than two dogs for their effective control and rapid dispatch.”

A survey released on Boxing Day shows 80 per cent of the British public think fox hunting should not be legalised.

Gavin Grant, chief executive of the RSPCA said: “As a rural dweller I have always known that opposition to hunting with dogs has never been an issue of ‘town versus country’.

“The message to MPs is loud and clear. Hunting wild animals with dogs is unethical, inhumane and cruel.”

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  1. Posted by: lucifers-wife at 22:38 on 31 December 2013 Report

    These toffs dont want to shoot the foxes outrite, they want to go charging around half the countryside chasing after them on their horses. HOORAH HOORAH. sickening all of them.

  2. Posted by: slparry at 11:17 on 01 January 2014 Report

    What ticks me off about the Countryside Alliance is they imply they speak for the rural community, they don't! I've lived in the countryside all of my life and strongly disagree with the hunting of any creature, especially fox hunting as it's no more than a load of hooray henry's thrashing their horses, tearing up the countryside with little respect for the property of others. The legal system has spoken, it's banned and they should respect that ban!

  3. Posted by: rolirich at 16:46 on 01 January 2014 Report

    I totally agree - this is a cruel sport, just look at the way the toffs prepare themselves pre-hunt. I cannot understand why they enjoy chasing a fox until they collapse and then get ripped apart by a load of hounds. Surely there is a more humane way of controlling the fox population.

  4. Posted by: robyns at 19:29 on 01 January 2014 Report

    Tired old excused from the hunts. Same old same old, trying to find new ways to justify their blood lusts. Get used to it, your outdated and cruel 'tradition' has had it's day and civilised people want it to stay outlawed. The tiny minority of blood sport fanatics need to get real. YOUR ARE ANIMAL ABUSERS, NOTHING LESS.

  5. Posted by: slparry at 09:35 on 02 January 2014 Report

    CSA Chairman Barney or Lieutenant General Sir Barnabas William Benjamin White-Spunner, KCB, CBE ex Horse Guards & Eton College, sums up the hooray henry the public has as a perception of the CA. Democracy has been used to good effect, backed up by the recent survey that states 80% of the UK want the ban to remain, & long may it stay so rather than their sickening ritualised slaughter. They're worse than badger baiters and hare coursers and other perverts who derive pleasure from suffering

  6. Posted by: ed1631 at 21:32 on 08 January 2014 Report

    Same old argument, all of the previous comments have blatantly proved that this is only a class issue, 'Toffs; hooray henry's etc.' This proves that these people are not animal lovers at all, they are just using any excuse to promote their socialist ideas.

  7. Posted by: Lal1910 at 21:14 on 10 January 2014 Report

    Maybe people, who disaggree with the relaxation of the ban, should go and speak to the hill farmers that need the hunts support to control the fox population to stop the huge amount of stock they might loose. Maybe they will explain to these people who really don't understand or are willing to understand why the ban needs to be relaxed.

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