Storm affects farm

Published date: 09 January 2014 |
Published by: Kirstie Dolphin
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HIGH winds and torrential rain has not only battered the coast but farming land as well.
The recent weather to hit the UK is having a detrimental affect on businesses including farms.

Rhug Estate, in Corwen, has experienced storm damage to buildings, farmland and it’s affected their livestock that are outside.

Owner Lord Newborough said: “No class of livestock like this heavy rain and this is especially true of the chickens. Feeding them every day now involves wading through thick mud and water and it is a daily struggle. A lot of the cattle are housed at this time of year, but we still have some at pasture and they now need extra dry feed. We are concerned that the fields that the cattle occupy will cut up as the ground is completely saturated so we are keeping a very close eye on this.

“We are all still on high storm alert and this is a very testing time for everyone at Rhug Estate. We are pulling together and working around the clock to protect our animals and the property as best we can.”
A total of 140 acres on Rhug Esate’s coast farm is under water and it has lost 650 metres of fencing from encroachment of the sea.

Lord Newborough said: “We’ve seen great damage to our wind turbines on the coast and the engineer looking after the turbines said that in his 14 years of experience he had never known damage like this.

“Two of the barns have suffered the loss of corrugated sheets and one building is now missing major parts of the roof. We’ve also seen trees blowing down in the strong winds.”

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