Llandegla speed concerns

Published date: 24 January 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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A PUB on a busy road has been smashed into by cars twice in the last fortnight.
And Mel Braban, 47, who runs the Crown Hotel in Llandegla with her husband Brian, is worried there could be a more serious accident if the speed limit is not reduced.

Mel is now starting a petition to get the speed limit along the busy stretch of the A525 reduced from 60mph to 30.

She said: “The road is just too fast and I think it is down to inexperienced drivers.”
No-one has been seriously hurt in the recent collisions but Mel said the 19-year-old driver, who had to be cut free from his car after a collision with a van at about 7pm on Tuesday night, had a lucky escape after his car came close to hitting a tree.

The damage to the pub included broken windows, pipes pulled off the wall and a crack in the exterior of the building, which Mel believes was caused by the impact.

And as well as the danger posed by cars colliding with each other, Mel is also worried about the safety of pedestrians walking along the narrow strip of pavement near to the pub.

She said she has spoken to the council about her concerns regarding the speed limit and the need for barriers to be installed on the corner of the junction.

Mel, who was not at the pub at the time of the latest crash, rushed over when she heard what happened.

Her daughter ran outside to investigate with friends after hearing a loud bang.

She described the damage as “mostly cosmetic” and said the pub remained open for business as usual.

The driver was trapped in the car for about an hour before being cut free by firefighters using specialist equipment.

He was taken to Wrexham Maelor Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, believed to be a broken collar bone.

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  1. Posted by: slparry at 13:49 on 27 January 2014 Report

    .... thousands of vehicles manage to travel along the very same route per year without incident. These incidents were caused by inexperienced drivers driving above the posted limits, so even if the limits were reduced they still would continue to exceed them. It's not the limits it's the young drivers

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