Warning on 'Neknominate' craze

Published date: 04 February 2014 |
Published by: Alex Watt
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YOUNG Farmers in North Wales have been warned of the dangers of a new alcohol-based social media craze.
The new game, dubbed “Neknominate”, involves people filming themselves completing a drinking dare and then nominating friends to do the same.
Eleri Roberts, Clwyd County Organiser for the Young Farmer's Club, said: “We want to make it clear that this isn't something organised by Young Farmers.
“To start off with a mother had complained because she thought it had something to do with the Young Farmer's Club. She actually thought it was a YFC competition, which it certainly isn't.
“It was a joke to start off with – it started in Australia, I believe – but people have gone overboard on it. We're concerned that people are doing this and operating machinery and YFC has a policy of don't drink and drive and don't drink and operate machinery.
“We just want our members to be careful with what they're doing. If they keep it on the funny side, it's not such a problem but when they're mixing all these drinks, they're risking their health. We don't condone it.”
The “Neknominate” phenomenon is sweeping the country and the police and various charitable organisations have condemned the craze after two deaths in Ireland were linked to the game.
James Eckley, CEO of the NFYFC, has also spoken out against members involving themselves in the new trend.
He said: “While this activity is not connected to YFC, many members are actively involved and have set up a Facebook page using the YFC name, without our involvement.
“Some of these videos show young people drinking while operating machinery and are clearly shown on farms or in rural environments.
“Drinking while operating machinery is, of course, extremely dangerous and NFYFC does not condone it. As an organisation that promotes farm safety, we ask all members to not drink while operating machinery and to be responsible for their actions when posting videos in a public domain.”
If you or anyone you know is concerned about a Neknomination challenge, they can contact NFYFC’s youthwork officer on 02476 857222 or email cath.sykes@nfyfc.org.uk.

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