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Published date: 07 February 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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“LANGUAGES embody the intellectual wealth of the people that speak them. Losing any one of them is like dropping a bomb on the Louvre,” wrote Ken Hale, linguist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The numbers from the 2011 census are troubling for all of our futures.
The loss of the Welsh language would leave our society poorer for its demise.

It is therefore encouraging that the council seem to be committed to trying to stem the tide.

But we must not stop at preserving what we have but strive forward for a revival of the language for all.

One of the greatest threats to the langauge is complacency.
Throughout our county thousands of school children set off into a world of Welsh that all too often closes to them at three o’clock.

The onus is on those who speak Welsh to continue to do so, to pass the language on to their children as a gift and not a burden and to encourage learners to speak Welsh as much as possible.

Welsh still is thankfully a living language in Denbighshire.In businesses, homes and schools thoughout the county there are signs that the language can prosper.

“Research in Montreal indicating that bilingual children have greater mental flexibility and form concepts more easily than children who speak a single language.” noted Mark Abley in his book Spoken Here - Travels among threatened languages.

In Denbighshire, bilingualism is our great asset and oppurtunity but it needs investement in time, money and effort to flourish.

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