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Published date: 14 February 2014 |
Published by: Shane Brennan
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THE state of rural roads in Denbighshire is a cause for concern according to a number of community leaders.

As the county emerges from the winter months, many rural roads are in a state of disrepair.

A number of roads have been flooded and remain underwater.
These include Mott Lane in Llangynhafal and the road between Pwllglas and Efenechtyd.

Members of Efenechtyd Community Council met with the local county councillor Eryl Williams and an officer of the county council at the site of the flooding.

Clerk to Efenechtyd Community Council Peter Palmer said that there have been ongoing discussions with Denbighshire County Council about the flooding.

He said: “The council are in consultaton with Denbighshire County Council and have been for some time to get this issue resolved.”

The problems at Mott Lane have made the road unpassable during the winter months for almost two decades.

This has added significantly to the journeys of people in the area.
Further into Llangynhafal the road leading up to the church of St Cynhafal is losing much of its top surface.

Community Councillor Iona Pierse said: “I wouldn’t want to live on this road. The road is in really bad condition there are seven houses up here with more on the way so there is a lot of traffic on this road”

Fellow community councillor Tony Killow added: “Last year, there was a funeral at the church and people were struggling to get there.”

In Llandrillo in the south of the county roads have been left damaged by heavy vehicles using small roads to get into forests for logging.
Councillors are confident that work will be carried out on several of these roads in the spring.

Llandrillo councillor Cefyn Williams said he hopes for work to begin on the road in March.

Llanbedr councillor Huw Willaims said: “With regards to the flooding on Mott Lane I'm confident from pressure I have put on the council that Mott Lane will be done so the community can walk and drive the road one again.

“I believe that residents in rural areas who pay the same rates and road tax as every one in the county have the rights to decent roads and I will be campaigning for rural roads to be fit for purpose.”

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