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Published date: 07 April 2014 |
Published by: Kirstie Dolphin
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A MOTHER who is battling cancer has joined a campaign to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research UK.

Cheryl Roberts, aged 33, from Denbigh, diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, an aggressive malignant cancer last May, posted her “no make-up selfie” on Facebook as part of the new trend that’s taking the internet by storm.

Mrs Roberts has gone one better than a no make-up selfie by posting an old picture of herself with no make up or hair from last October when she was receiving radiotherapy.

Mrs Roberts said: “I posted both pictures as I just thought it would probably gain more support and try to raise more awareness really.

“For those with cancer it’s not just a no make-up selfie.

“I find out next week if the chemotherapy and radiotherapy has worked alright and hopefully get the all clear.”

She is one of the many women who have helped raise £8 million for Cancer Research UK in the last two weeks which will fund 10 new trials.

Mrs Roberts explains what happened when she was diagnosed with cancer: “I went to my GP and thought I had pulled a muscle originally. The kind of cancer I have is usually found in people over 60 so it was not on there rader at first.

“When I was first diagnosed I was asked if I would go on a trial but the turn around was so quick I couldn’t take part, I started treatment a few days after being diagnosed.

“The funding will help not only patients going through cancer treatment now but those in the future.”

Mrs Roberts spent many months having chemotherapy which finished in September and Radiotherapy which ended in December.

She said: “The staff at Glan Clwyd Hospital are absolutely amazing.

“It is so lovely, all the staff and patients there is a real comradery feel there.

“I went through the most intense chemotherapy you can go through. With new trials and more research the treatment hopefully won’t be so harsh.”

Mrs Roberts is hoping to run Race For Life in June, after her two daughters Mia, twelve, and Gabby, 8, raised more than £2,000 last year for Cancer Research UK by running it for her.

“All money raised can help those with cancer lead a normal life.

“Cancer is normally associated with the older generation so when I, a 33 year old woman in her prime, was diagnosed it did shock a lot of people.

“I think that’s why I got so much support really.”

“I initially wanted to hide it from my girls and people but when I realised I would lose my hair and things I had to tell them.

“All they wanted to do was help their mummy so thought what can we do to fundraise. I was diagnosed in May and the run was in June.”

Mia who now attends Denbigh High School and twelve Gabby from Ysgol Fron Goch will be running Race For Life again this June with their mum.

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