Energy company clinches deal with KFC

Published date: 21 April 2014 |
Published by: Staff Reporter
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A RUTHIN company is celebrating after clinching a deal to look after the energy needs of a restaurant and café chain that's planning a major expansion.

The Energy Company UK Ltd has signed to manage the utilities for mid-Wales based Gastronomy Foods UK Ltd, which employs 280 people in 12 KFC restaurants in North and Mid Wales and the West Midlands.

Gastronomy’s fryers, cookers and kettles at its 12 existing KFCs had their £600,000 bills handled by energy brokers The Energy Company, based on Ruthin’s Lon Parcwr estate.

Gastronomy managing director Akram Khan said: “The Energy Company has been looking after our utility supplies for quite some time and have done an excellent job for us.

“They are very thorough and highly professional. They are also a local company and as we’ve grown they’ve grown with us. I think that’s what’s so good about them is that they care about their clients and what they do.

John Davies, managing director of The Energy Company, said: “The energy market is a very fickle and volatile beast. It takes experience and knowledge to make sure our clients are offered the best possible selection of not just rates, but an assessment of the best contract durations and supplier.

“To support Gastronomy’s planned expansion we will be arranging new electricity and gas metering installations and supply and ensuring that deadlines are hit so that the new sites open to plan.

“We’re delighted to help all our 3,500 customers and we estimated that in the last 10 years alone we have saved them in excess of £5 million, money which I am sure they can better spend elsewhere in their business.”

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