Monty’s £5,000 medical bill after 30ft fall

Published date: 27 May 2014 |
Published by: Kirstie Dolphin
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A COCKER spaniel described as part of a family was left with horrific injuries after plummeting down a ravine.

Trevor Davies’ 18-month-old puppy, Monty, suffered a punctured lung and a fractured pelvis after falling 30 feet through woodland in Nant-y-Ffrith, just outside of Llandegla.

Mr Davies, 56, from Pen-Y-Stryt, Llandegla, heard his dog yelp while taking him on a walk and found him lying injured 30 feet under a bridge on May 3.

He said: “He ran up ahead like he does and I heard a whimper and thought another dog had attacked him.

“I think he ran up to a well near the bridge and jumped on it and lost his balance and fell.”

Mr Davies, who was walking with his partner Mandy Clothier and their other dog Star, scrambled to rescue his beloved pooch.
With the help of a passer-by, he lifted Monty from the water and get him to the veterinary surgery in New Broughton, Wrexham.

“It was awful,” Mr Davies added.

“He’s just an 18-month cocker spaniel and absolutely adorable. When I saw him, he was just lying there looking up at me with the classic puppy dog eyes and I had no idea how to move him.

“He’s lucky to be alive.”

Monty has undergone an operation at a specialist vets in Sutton Weaver, near Frodsham, Cheshire and is set to make a full recovery within six months but his injury has left Mr Davies with a significant vets bill liekely total nearly £5,000.

He said: “It cost us £3,800 for the operation in Sutton Weaver and a further £500 at our own surgery and that's just for now.

“It could cost us up to £5,000-6,000 yet.

“It’s important that dog owners make sure they are covered. We do have insurance but it only covered up to £,3000. Imagine if we didn’t have insurance, I would have to find the money some how.”

Mr Davies says Monty is on the road to recovery following his ordeal but the bouncy and excited cocker spaniel must rest and not jump around.

“He’s doing very well, he can't put too much weight on his legs at the moment,” he said. “He’s caged for six weeks and only gets to go outside for five minutes every so often.”

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