Why does this Denbigh roundabout keep getting hit by traffic?

Published date: 18 July 2014 |
Published by: Shane Brennan
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COUNCILLORS in Denbigh are calling on people to report traffic collisions with a town roundabout to the police.

The roundabout in Lenten Pool in the centre of the town has been damaged after several collisons over time that has seen vehicles hit the roundabout.

It is situated in the middle of a busy intersection that also includes two bus stops.

If there is a bus pulled up in the bustop then there is little room to get past between the bus and the roundabout.

Denbigh mayor Rob Parkes, said that the problem of collisions with the roundabout needed to be addressed.

Cllr Parkes felt that the council should reduce the size of the roundabout

He said: “The council refuse to make it smaller it smaller as they say that it would make it more dangerous and they said last year that they don’t have the budget to do it. Which is unfortunate, we spoke to the police who said that if somebody hit the roundabout then it is an accident so if people do see this happening then they should call 101 and report it to the police.”

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