£11m flood plan for Denbighshire set to be approved

Published date: 23 July 2014 |
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AN £11million flood plan for Denbighshire is set to be put to Cardiff lawmakers.

Denbighshire Council's flood risk management strategy will set out a plan to increase the safety of people across the county by reducing the number of people at risk of flooding, increasing the resilience of local communities and reducing the impact of flooding.

The plan has been drawn up in response to floods which hit St Asaph in 2012 and East Rhyl in December 2013, which saw hundreds of homes and business flooded and data which shows similar events are 'likely to occur with increasing frequency'.

Aims include prioritising investment in the most at risk communities, reducing the consequences for individuals, communities, businesses and the environment from flooding and coastal erosion and raising awareness of and engaging people in the response.

A report to the cabinet said "The December 5 storm resulted in the most serious coastal flooding to affect Wales since the 1990 Towyn floods.

"140 properties were flooded in East Rhyl as a consequence of the overtopping of the sea wall and the county’s coastal defences suffered significant damage.

"As well as flooding of property, there was significant damage to the coastal infrastructure, in particular, between West Rhyl and Rhyl Golf Course. The sand dune system at Barkby Beach and Gronant Dunes suffered significant damage due to wave action, with lateral losses of up to eight metres.

"A review of the event has been carried out, in conjunction with Natural Resources Wales, which examines the cause of the flood, the likelihood of recurrence and what measures are required to reduce the risk in future.

"One of the key findings of the review, which looked at the whole of Wales, is that events of this nature and severity are likely to occur with increasing frequency.

Natural Resources Wales has carried out interim measures to provide an improved standard of protection at St Asaph and is developing plans to reduce the flood risk further.

A report to the cabinet said: "The overall estimated cost of carrying out the schemes, which would provide improved flood protection to almost 6,000 properties, is around £11.5 million.

"However, the majority of this work is eligible for government funding."

"However, the council is likely to see savings as a consequence of the reduced impact of flooding through more effective flood risk management."

The cabinet is likely to recommend the strategy be approved in preparation for submission to the Welsh Government for ministerial review at its meeting on Tuesday. 


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