ARTHUR JONES: 'He made my mum late for work'

Published date: 15 August 2014 |
Published by: Shane Brennan
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Arthur Jones 

 AS the sun comes out for the funeral of Arthur Jones in Denbigh this afternoon, townsfolk have been paying their heartfelt tributes.

Elin Owen, who works at Denbigh Chocolate Shop, said: "He used to stick his head into the shop and say 'I feel very sorry for you having to work with him (my boss Mark Young)'.

"And he would stop to talk to everyone in the street and he would even make my mum late for work."

Brian Jones, of Denbigh, said: "I have known him for years (since) when we used to go to the Cegin Bach and he even had a motorcycle with a sidecar back then.

"We used to have some fun with him.

"There's been some characters in the town over the years and he's definitely one of them,

"He's done a lot for the town."

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