Should pedestrians and motorists share streets in Llangollen?

Published date: 23 August 2014 |
Published by: Iwan Berry
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THE streets of Llangollen could be “shared” by motorists and pedestrians if plans for a new scheme are adopted.
Cllr Phil Thane, a member of Llangollen Town Council, put forward plans for a new “shared spaces” scheme in the town at a meeting of the regeneration committee on Tuesday evening.
Cllr Thane had examined earlier work by a company named Hamilton and Baillie, which had successfully rolled out the scheme, which sees cars and other motorised vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists share the roads, at Poynton in Cheshire.
Cllr Thane said it was “early days” for the scheme but it could be one of the ways of dealing with traffic problems in Llangollen.
Shared spaces paves off the main roads in large towns to create large pedestrian-first town centres – with priority given to pedestrians – but allows motorists to sh are the road at low speeds with people shopping on foot.
As well as opening the town to walkers, the plans could also help reduce traffic in the town but also allow for improved parking as drivers would be allowed to park on the pedestrianised routes.
Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Thane, who proposed the town’s involvement with the ongoing Cittaslow regeneration scheme in 2013, said: “Llangollen really relies on tourism to a great extent. 
“The people who live here would like the town centre made a no-parking zone so they can get through but shopkeepers would like there to be more parking and OAPs want more pedestrian crossings.
“Under a shared spaces scheme, that would turn all the spaces between shops in to paved routes and street furniture would be speckled through the town so there would be no visible ‘put your foot down’ section of road for drivers.”
He added that a full study carried out by the consultancy group would cost £8,000. But a small, one-day study could be carried out for £800.
Members of the regeneration committee voted not to object to Cllr Thane’s initial ideas and to be updated by him at a later date.
Clerk Gareth Thomas added that if the plans were pursued, quotes would also have to be sought with other consultants.

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