WHOOPS of joy were heard around the Wrexham Gymnasium as those present heard that Labour’s Susan Elan Jones had been elected as a Member of Parliament for Clwyd South.

With 13,311 votes, an overwhelmed Ms Jones (pictured left) said it had been a hard fought victory.

"It's been a busy night and a busy campaign,” she said.

"There are many different communities in Clwyd South.

"Some Welsh speaking, others English as well as bilingual.

"Growing up in a small community I know how important they are.
"I am proud of the tradition of Welsh Labour," she added.

Ms Jones said she would now go on to support the whole of Clwyd South, and not just those who voted for her.

"I know the reputations of politicians may not be high at the moment, sometimes we get it wrong," she added.

"I will be the voice of Clwyd South in Westminster, and I will be the voice of Westminster in Clwyd South."

John Bell, Conservative candidate (pictured right) came in second place with 10,477 votes.

Speaking before the results were announced Mr Bell said the election day is the culmination of years of hard work for the Conservative Party.

"It's been a four-year campaign,” he said

"We have given it our best shot.

"We have run an honest campaign that wasn't matched by our opponents.
"I shudder to think how many doors we have knocked on!

"We have been out within the community in the last four years."

Speaking after the results Mr Bell added: "Tonight's result shows you can fool enough people if you run a negative and dishonest campaign," added Mr Bell.

Ms Jones, who rejected the claims that her campaign was negative and dishonest, said: "People will draw their own conclusions on what John Bell says.

"I do not want to make a personal attack on John Bell."

Speaking before the results, third placed with (5,965 votes) Bruce Roberts - Liberal Democrats, said he had no idea how the votes would go.

"It's too early to tell but we have had tremendous support with people coming into the office to see us. It could change things forever, but things will never be the same again."

Standing on the platform after the results Mr Roberts thanked his team and his supporters.

Plaid Cymru came in fourth place with 3,009 votes, candidate Janet Ryder thanked all the people who had supported her.

"Wales is going to need that really strong voice," said Mrs Ryder.

"Plaid Cymru will be watching, we will be here next year."

BNP came in fifth, with 1,100, candidate Sarah Haynes said: "Thank you very much for everyone who has come out and supported us today."

And finally, in sixth position was UKIP with candidate Nick Powell.