A WIND turbine burst into flames, shutting a rural road for hours.

The blaze at the 25-turbine Tir Mostyn and Foel Goch windfarm in Nantglyn, Denbighshire, lasted for about two hours.

Debris left behind by the fire forced North Wales Police to close Drws-y-Buddel, between the site and Pentrellyncymer outdoor education centre.

Tir Mostyn is capable of annually lighting up to 15,500 properties, but all 25 turbines were shut down for safety reasons yesterday.

The fire service received a call around 6pm on Tuesday October 26, but no precise cause of the blaze has been released.

“I had several calls from concerned residents who saw the fire, which burned for over two hours,” said local county councillor Paul Marfleet.

“I went up to the site and the police and fire service were there, but there was little they could do to tackle a fire 75 metres above the ground and I did sympathise.

"This event leaves me concerned that there is a plan to turn much of the Clocaenog forest into a giant windfarm.

"In looking up turbine fires on the Internet, I find that this is not a rare event.

"Why don't they have fire extinguishers inside them?" he added.

An engineer from Hg Capitals, who run the site, was called to deal with the blaze but the company declined to comment.