A FARMER had a surprise when what is thought to be Britain’s biggest lamb was born on his farm.

The lamb called Yr Oen Mawr weighed 11 kilos or 24lbs 2oz had to be delivered by caesarean at Pritchard the Vets in Denbigh and is pictured with vet Ruby Smith.

Even more surprisingly the Texel cross was five days premature.

The farmer, Dafydd Fon Ifan, 18, from Llanrhaedr said: “He’s doing great, the ceasarean went spot on too.”

Much of the English language media has reported the lamb’s name as The Big One, a mistranslation of Yr Oen Mawr which actually means The Big Lamb.

But for Dafydd this name doesn’t quite fit so he is asking people to suggest an alternative.

“We didn’t actually name him The Big One, we referred to him as Yr Oen Mawr in Welsh but now it’s been translated to English it sounds a bit cringey!” added Dafydd.