A SEARCH and rescue team has saved the life of a dog which had fallen down a well.

Volunteers from North East Wales Search and Rescue (NEWSAR) have again proved the team deals with more than just mountains after being called out on Sunday afternoon to help rescue Molly the spaniel from a 4-5m hole in Loggerheads Country Park.

Molly was on a walk with her owner Neil Partridge from Pantymwyn, Flintshire, when she fell into the hole near Devil's Gorge.

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Video from Molly Dog rescue last night near Loggerheads.

Posted by North East Wales Search and Rescue on Monday, 11 January 2016

Neil realised he would not be able to rescue Molly by himself and called the team for help.

NEWSAR set up a basic rope system and, using a large bag, managed to haul Molly to safety.

Damon Winterbottom, one of the charity's deputy team leaders, said: "Many people think that NEWSAR just deals with incidents in the hills but we do much more than that. “We were pleased to be able to help Neil and reunite him with Molly.”

This was the second callout of the weekend for NEWSAR.

On Saturday evening the team was contacted to help two women who had become disoriented on Moel Famau in the fog.

The pair managed to find the path down to their car before NEWSAR volunteers were deployed to search for them.