THE thought of being thousands of feet in the air in a glider aircraft seems terrifying, although I was intrigued to find out how the whole thing works.

Denbigh Flight Training, located on the airfield on Mold Road, Denbigh, offers amazing opportunities for anyone above the age of 14 to experience a flight for themselves.

The private airfield was created in 1989 and has three professional and very passionate instructors.

I was lucky enough to be able to experience a flight in a touring motor glider and even have a go at flying the aircraft myself.

This motor-glider can be flown with or without engine power – quite a scary thought.

But I was very excited to see how the planes are flown and the spectacular views of the Vale of Clwyd from the air.

Pictures by Don Jackson-Wyatt

Obviously the experience is weather dependant and the very caring instructors were constantly on the lookout and checking for any updates which may affect the flight.

Walking up to the motor-glider and seeing the small aircraft that would be taking me high into the sky was very nerve-wracking but the feeling of excitement soon overtook.

Before the flight, the instructor briefs you on what you will be doing and how the glider works, which made me realise I was definitely in safe hands.

Paul Asbridge, chief flying instructor at Denbigh Flight Training, said: “I’ve flown with hundreds of people and I’ve been an instructor for 10 years.

“Believe me, anyone can do it – the oldest person I’ve ever taught was a gentleman in his mid-90s.”

It’s safe to say I would definitely agree with Paul, as he was my instructor for the morning and I felt completely calm and at ease due to his teaching.

The flight with Paul was absolutely incredible and the views were truly breath-taking, such seeing Bodelwyddan Castle from above and recreated First World War trenches.

This all may seem like a scary thought, but the experience was too exciting to think about any fears I had – even when I had a go at flying the glider, something I never thought I’d be able to do.

Paul added: “Anyone who is scared of flying should definitely give it a try here; we can teach them things on the simulator first, in order to make them feel more comfortable.

“We tailor our training and what we do here to who we’re with, it’s not just about the aircraft it’s about the person. “I’ve had a lot of success working with people who were initially terrified of flying, to the point where they were completely at ease and ready to fly the aircraft themselves.”

The flight simulator is an option for those who aren’t quite ready to go up in a glider right away. This gives an opportunity to experience flying without leaving the ground, sitting next to a commercial pilot to show you the ropes.

They offer various levels of difficulty, each one is tailored to the experience and capability of the individual, involving different weather conditions and flights over anywhere in the UK. This is also available for student pilots who are training elsewhere, as it provides the opportunity to train with an experienced instructor.

Denbigh Flight Trainign offers many opportunities, from trial flights to full courses which lead to having your own pilot license, it’s really something you need to experience!

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