Kids at one Ruthin school are so fed up with stepping in dog faeces they've put together a poster campaign to try and stamp it out.

Pupils from Ysgol Borthyn designed the posters which will be going up around town to help educate and raise awareness of the problem.

Ann Roberts, of Ruthin Town Council, hopes pester power will also help parents remember their plastic bags when they head out for walkies.

Ann said: “Some of the more explicit ones aren't being used but these ones they've drawn are very colourful; they've drawn lots of pictures of dog poo.

“Hopefully people will read them and pay attention.

“There are some good ones - they have been drawn by kids from one up.

“I said I'd use them all.

“Reverend Stuart Evans has judged them, and they'll go up all round town once I've laminated them, hopefully it'll get mums and dads involved as well.

“They've had good feedback and there are 30 posters in all, and three winners, one from  each age groups.

“It'll get the message out and these kids have committed themselves to the cause

“They're all enthusiastic about it so, if they've got dogs themselves, they can ask their mum or dad about having bags when they go out for walks.

Cllr Roberts believes it's a real problem for the town.

“At the town council, we get it in the neck about dog poo,” she said.

“People are up in arms about it really, so it's a case of trying to educate people through these posters.

“We'll be putting them up this week.”