A MOTORCYCLIST caught riding at 110 mph on the A5 has been put off the road.

Tony Michael Monahan, 59, was zapped riding the Honda VTR at Ty Nant near Dinmael, Corwen, one day in September.

Monahan, of Sevenoaks, Kent, admitted breaking the 60mph on the single carriageway when he appeared at Flintshire magistrates’ court at Mold.

He was banned from driving for 56 days, fined £400 with £80 costs and a £40 surcharge.

Prosecutor Brian Robinson said that it was “an exceptionally high” speed for a motorcycle on a public road.

Members of the public would not expect to encounter a vehicle travelling at such a “completely unacceptable” speed, he said.

Monahan, who represented himself, said that he had time since the offence to reflect on his stupidity and folly.

He worked in domiciliary care and said that although he would not lose his job a disqualification would have an impact on the people he served.

But he said that he accepted that there had to be a disqualification and that he had learnt his lesson.

He told magistrates that he had travelled up by train and stayed overnight in order to get to the court on time.

In a separate case, another motorcyclist, an advanced rider, was banned after he was caught riding at 104 mph.

Stephen Renshaw, 52, of Meaford Avenue in Stone, Staffs, admitted breaking the 60 mph speed limit on the A5 at Ty Nant on May 28.

He was banned from driving for 56 days, and fined £80 with £85 costs and a £30 surcharge.

Mr Robinson described it as excessive speed on a public road.

Renshaw, a former HGV driver who surrendered that licence following a heart problem, told how he had the opportunity of getting a motorcycle and attended a bike safe course in Staffordshire.

He was an advanced rider.

The defendant said that he was sorry for the offence and for wasting the court’s time and said that he had not ridden a motorcycle since that day.