A GEOGRAPHICAL blunder by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was one of the major talking points over the weekend at the Welsh Labour Party conference held at Venue Cymru.

During his keynote speech to conference Mr Corbyn referred to Llandudno as being in Denbighshire, and not in Conwy.

The howler was picked up by journalists and other commentators and circulated on social media.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: “What Jeremy said wasn’t deliberate and he corrected the error at his earliest opportunity off-stage in media interviews.”

The purpose of the Labour leader’s visit and speech was to support First Minister Carwyn Jones ahead of local elections in May.

Mr Corbyn spoke about last week’s Westminster terrorist attacks and paid tribute to the emergency services, calling them heroes.

He said: “Events in Westminster showed the brutality that one man can reap.

“But it also showed the humanity, the bravery and the solidarity that really defines us and that binds us together in times of darkness and adversity.

Among the 600 delegates at the conference was Conwy county borough councillor for Mostyn ward Cllr Emily Owen, who delivered her first speech to conference, stressing the need for young people to become involved in political life. The 22-year-old, who won her seat last July, received a standing ovation.

She said: “I was absolutely petrified and I wanted to ensure I got the message across clearly that everyone matters and should be treated equally.

“From people’s reaction I think I managed to deliver the message.

“I had the chance to speak to Carwyn Jones and AMs and MPs, which was very inspiring. I hope that I’ve encouraged young activists to get involved and have a voice.”