The closure of Corwen's last bank and how it has left the town will be considered by Parliament when the area's MP Susan Elan Jones presents the House of Commons with a petition next week.

The petition says the loss of the branch is "having a dramatic effect" on the town. The town's last bank, the NatWest on Market Square, closed in September last year. The town is currently served by a mobile banking van.

Town councillor Tony Sutherland, who started the petition said: “The town needs a bank because without it people won't come in. 

“The footfall has gone down , the town is dying because of it.

“It's a double whammy - if people go to perhaps Ruthin instead, the money that they're spending outside of banking on coffee or other shopping, that used to be spent in Corwen.

“There are about thirty shops in the town but only two thirds are open full time, and some of those are struggling to make a worthwhile living.

“What we're trying to do is organise with NatWest to improve the banking facitities as the mobile system isn't adequate.”

Susan Elan Jones MP, has called for greater Government action and has made a series of proposals to Sir Russell Griggs, the man charged with undertaking an independent review of bank closures.

She said: “The rate of bank closures is alarming - and we urgently need serious government action.

“This petition from the residents of Corwen is an excellent example of a community that is prepared to come up with new ideas. I am delighted to work with the Town Councillors and other local residents and support them in their campaign.”

The petition will be presented by Susan Elan Jones MP to the House of Commons on Wednesday, November 16.

The petition reads: “This petition of residents of Corwen, Declares that the loss of local branches of national banks is having a dramatic effect on local communities; further that it is leaving towns and villages cut off from local financial services; further that the loss of banking services in Corwen is forcing people to travel to other towns to use their banking services; and further that this is resulting in the reduction of visitors to Corwen and a decline in income for local retail businesses.

“The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to develop a community banking system incorporating local government legislation in order to ensure residents of local villages and towns such as Corwen continue to have access to a bank or financial services.”