Shocking pictures show the extent of neglect in causing suffering to two horses.

Last week, the Leader reported 69-year-old Philip Jones was banned from keeping horses for 10 years after neglecting animals which were kept at Coral Springs in Llandegla.

One of them, Gwynne, was found in a “thin bodily condition, with prominent hips and bones and overgrown hooves”.

Billy was found to be in “good condition”, but also had overgrown hooves and displayed signs of laminitis - a crippling disease found in horses.

Neither horse was microchipped and both have since been put down.

Jones, of Erw Las, Pwll Glas, Ruthin, admitted the Animal Welfare Act offences at Wrexham Magistrates Court on Wednesday last week, with an RSPCA inspector highlighting the “outright neglect” shown to the animals involved, who were left in an “horrendous state”.

RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas said: “The outright neglect shown to these animals was deeply shocking, with appropriate action not taken despite bones being visible on the body of one of the horses, and both suffering from overgrown, and likely very painful, hooves.

“They were in a horrendous state. In addition, both horses will have had trouble standing, and walking, properly as a result of their laminitis - which can be a very painful and serious condition for equines.

“Sadly, these conditions cost these two horses their lives, in a shocking example of what can happen when people do not take the responsibilities they have for their animals seriously.”