A boy is relishing his newly found fame after being cast in a starring role for S4C's Christmas film.

Seven year old Gruffydd Davies, from Parc near Bala plays the imaginary friend of an lonely child at Christmas.

His mum, Dana, says he's put a lot of hard work into the film, which is on S4C on the evening of Christmas Day.

Dana says the family couldn't be more proud.

Dana said: “It's Caryl Parry Jones who produced the film. She had been going round welsh schools looking for kids who acted. Gruff did a play in the village here, she saw him and that's how he got the part,

“It was a just a chat really, she thought that's that. Then he had three interviews and he got the part.

“We're all very proud of Gruff, the filming was a lot of commitment, going down to Cardiff for five weeks for the filming, it was a lot to deal with.

"It was shot on a farm and at the S4C studios in Cardiff Bay, so it was quite a big production.

The film, Albi a Noa Achub yr Iwnyfrys (Albi and Noa Save the Universe), was written by Caryl Parry Jones and Non Parry. 

The film is about a young boy called Noa and his imaginary friend, played by Gruff.

Dana continued: “This little boy called Noa, is from a lovely family but he's an only child. His parents are very busy so he creates an imaginary friend called Albi, and we get to know of all these other characters from this imaginary world. It's a lovely feel good Christmas film.

“Gruff is very excited, he had a film premier organsised by Bafta Cymru on the 20th, we all went down to the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff for that.

“His friends are all a bit excited, they've been treating him as a bit of a celebrity, as they've been showing the trailer for the film on the TV in the run-up to Christmas Day, it's all very exciting.”

Albi a Noa yn Achub yr Iwnifyr will be shown at 7.30pm on Christmas Day with English subtitles.