While hairdressers might be one of the most trusted professions in Britain, one salon has allowed the cameras in to eavesdrop on what their customers really think.

A hair salon in Bala has lifted the lid on what goes on when they're not asking about your holidays

Y Salon is a brand new factual entertainment series that has been filmed in seven real hairdressers around the country. Each week, viewers can listen in on some of the conversations that take place while regular customers get their hair done and talk about what’s been happening with their stylist.

Gary, Ke-lee and Tamara from Blade - Blewyn Bala hair salon invited crews in to see what goes on.

According to a poll carried out in 2016, hairdressing is one of the professions British people trust the most - with 69 per cent saying they would trust hairdressers to tell the truth.

That puts hairdressers above police and television news readers. 

But that's no surprise to Gary Jones, one of the stylists that takes part in the series.

“People say everything once they're in the chair,” said Gary, who has been cutting hair for 23 years.

“I've heard so many of people's problems and they say things to me that they wouldn’t even tell their partners. 

“It really flows out of them.”

Hairdressers discuss the headlines and the big stories of that week with their clients, and Gary’s looking forward to giving the people of Wales a taste of his everyday life.

“I think this job is the most interesting one in the world and it will be the perfect opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes in a hair salon,” he continued.

“(It’s not) as glamorous as people think and no matter how bad a day I’m having, or what the customers are telling me, you have to carry on as usual - because when the customer is comfortable, that's when they say what they really think.”