A Denbighshire woman who came within 48 hours of dying is now ready to take on the globe as part of the World Transplant Games Brenda Roberts, 64, is currently raising money to help her compete and hopes to bring home a medal to go with the gold and bronze medals she won at the last World Transplant Games in Argentina. Brenda, who lives with her partner in Ruthin, is a member and former lady captain of Ruthin-Pwllglas golf club. She will be competing in individual and team golf events. Brenda said: “It’s a way to show people that here I am, post-transplant, alive and well and living life to the full. “It’s a way of thanking our donors. I don’t know who mine was, but the families of lots of donors are very active in the community. “I wouldn’t be alive without the transplant, they gave me 48 hours to live at one point and that would’ve been me gone, so I have a lot to be thankful for and I feel it’s a way of promoting being on the transplant register.” Although only people who have received transplants are eligible to enter, the standard is very high at the World Championships. “At the British Transplant Games you turn up and the standard doesn’t matter but the Worlds is difficult. You train hard and you have to be selected as they want you to win medals. “I went to my first in British games in Bolton in 2014 when was well enough, and as a result of the medal I won there I went to Argentina “I thought to myself, ‘No way, am I going to Argentina’, but I thought to myself hang on a minute, it’s a country I’ve never been to, so why not? “So I went, I raised funds through the golfing community and that was that, I had a great time, a blast, it really was.” The next World Transplant Games is in Malaga in southern Spain this year with over 2,000 athletes expected to attend. Lynne Holt, team manager for Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland said: “We are thrilled to announce our team and welcome the new faces to our squad. “We aim to exceed the 127 Gold medals won at the World Transplant Games in 2015, and to bring home the Trophy for the best team. They certainly deserve the same recognition as the recent Olympic and Para Olympic Games.”