A former Mayor of Llangollen has lost his seat on the County Council on the toss of a coin, 13 years after first being elected. Stuart Davies was first elected to Denbighshire County Council as an independent Councillor for Llangollen in 2004. He lost the 2008 election but was re-elected in 2012. He narrowly lost his seat on the Council, finishing on 657 votes, level with current Town Councillor Melvyn Mile and two voted behind Labour's Graham Timms. Melvyn MIle was then awarded an extra vote by being the first name drawn out of a box. With the changover not set to take place until next week, Stuart Davies remains a councillor for the time being. Cllr Davies said: "People were saying I should win, but I never take anything for granted.  "I've been there before, people vote and that's it, that's how it is. "Whilst Melvyn has been on the Town Council, my only concern is the lack of experience of the new Labour Councillor, in difficult times where his party is suffering year on year, and he's had no experience of being a councillor before. "I've served on the Council since 2004, I was Mayor of Llangollen in 1998/99 and did four years as a town councillor there, so what will be will be, that's it now. I'm going to concentrate more on my hobbies, one of which is sailing. "Interestingly enough, apparently I'm a Councillor until changeover in four days, so  I can of course air my personal views and what I think in future.  "There's nothing more to be said, I fought the good fight and away we go."