A year on from the once-in-a-lifetime experience of singing in front of 250 million people, Ruthin singer Joe Woolford says he’ll be happy performing You’re Not Alone until he’s an old man. This year Joe and his bandmate Jake Shakeshaft will be performing at a Eurovision event in London. Looking back, Joe says he can’t believe it’s already been 12 months. “It was crazy, there was all the trouble with if we’d be allowed to have a Welsh flag, but the first thing I saw was a flag right centre in the front rows, it was a lovely feeling “When we were sat down in the performer’s area I got a text from my sister and saw my mum, dad , stepbrother everyone there with a massive flag. “That was a proper moment as I hadn’t seen them for a couple of months with all the rehearsals, so seeing them there was a touching moment. “Jake and I have been doing Eurovision parties nonstop, and we’ve had the pick of the bunch for the day itself which is nice. “Looking back, I was just so excited, it was a year on from The Voice. “It was amazing that being a singer was my job and still is my job. I’ve chased my dream, it took me a while but it was worth the struggle and playing to one or two people in a pub. “It’s like the Superbowl, it’s the world’s biggest singing competition. There’s a bit of a stigma about how everythng goes afterwards, but performing for 250 million people, the song was ours and everyone was behind us; singing is my thing, it was like getting to play at the World Cup. “The funniest thing was though, there were dress rehearsals beforehand and we thought as it was the dress rehearsal we assumed there’d be no audience. “We were wondering why the acts had gone to to all the effort of going for their full stage dress, but we didn’t know there’s be 20,000 people watching us in our joggers and hoodies, we looked so stupid.” The pair finished 24th on the night on 62 points, with the contest won by Jamala from Ukraine. Joe and Jake were towards the end of the running order, and whilst other acts could enjoy the evening having got the stressful part of the show out of the way, Joe wasn’t so lucky. “Me and Jake were gutted as we were third to last on the running order so had to wait so we could have a drink! Everyone else was celebrating their performance, and I just wanted to enjoy it and not feel the pressure “Someone told us when we did an interview on Blue Peter, as simple as it sounds, just to remember what happens. It’s so easy to forget the performance as you’re just in the zone. “All of The Voice was a bit of a blur with all the pressure, but after being told that, I took a deep breath and now I remember it all like it was yesterday. “It was crazy as we went off stage, we walked down to the delegration area, and Justin TImberlake came up to us and told us that was an awesome performance. “It was crazy to think he’d been watching in his huge dressing room, it was amazing to know he’d watched us as he was waiting to go on. “This year we’ve got a Eurovision party in Kings Cross, we’ll watch it all there and perform afterwards, it should be good fun. “It’s a great job to have being paid for a night out. We’ll do the Eurovision song You’re Not Alone; we’ll be doing it until we’re old men at shows now, but we’ll never get bored of it, no matter how many times we sing it.”