A woman was left traumatised after hooligans threw stones through the windows of her home.

North Wales Police have appealed for information after the incident which saw shards of glass scattered across rooms with some landing in food.

The incident happened last Sunday evening at Cae Dai in Denbigh.

Sparrow Harrisson, who owns the house said: “Some young hooligans threw quite a lot of stones at the windows and broke three.

“One of them, a woman concerned was having food in her bedroom and it shattered right into her food

“Ania has handled it pretty well but it did really disturb her, I’ve been very impresed by how she handled it.

“She got a good look at one of them who was a young blonde girl. I they were made to feel there was good chance they might get caught it migh make a difference as Ania is prettty sure she can identify one of them.

“The lads from the boxing club have all shared about it online as well. It’s not just a bit of fun that they can just get away with.”

Police have appealed for anyone with any information to contact them on on 101 quoting reference number V081855.