THERE have been more than 20 instances of fly tipping logged at Llyn Brenig in the first six months of 2017 according to Fly-tipping action Wales.

It comes as Fly-tipping action Wales launch a new app launched with Dwr Cymru to help log and target fly-tipping hot spots.

Since implementing Fly-tipping Action Wales’ GPS FlyMapper app system, Welsh Water has been able to identify the fly-tipping hotspots near their isolated reservoirs and water resources across Wales and take immediate action dealing with the incidents.

This has helped to minimise the amount of time that dumped waste remains at sites and also means that popular recreational beauty spots, like Llyn Brenig reservoir in the Denbigh Moors, can be cleaned up quickly so the general public can enjoy the amenities safely.

James Camis, Environmental Permitting Specialist at Dwr Cymru, said: “We are lucky enough to have water resources in beautiful and isolated parts of Wales like the Denbigh Moors, home to six of our waterbodies, but unfortunately the isolation of our land means they are a prime fly-tipping hotspots.

"With one central location to log reports of fly-tipping, we have more confidence in the decisions we are making on directing resources to stamp it out.”

Fly-tipping Action Wales’ FlyMapper system enables the app users to photograph and plot fly-tipping incidents onto a GPS mapping system in real time using a smartphone app - this gives a better visual representation of the true scale of the fly-tipping problem in that area.