This year’s Ruthin Carnival has been hailed as a huge success by the organising committee.

Hundreds turned out to enjoy games, browse stalls and watch performances on the fields at Ruthin School.

Town Councillor and Organising Committee Member Anne Roberts said: “It went very well, we had a good crowd and good weather, it was excellent.

“I think the venue really made it. Ruthin School were so kind to give us the venue and the use of the toilets, and it was nice to see the police, the sergeant and three PCSOs with us as well.

“We had good numbers through the gate. Ruthin Forward also sponsored a free surf simulator which was extremely popular,

“There was a queue every time I went past, although I was too chicken to try myself, it was a way of putting something into the community.

“There were a lot of floats with kids on and they all enjoyed it, a good variety of entertainment.

“We’ve only got a small committee so we don’t want to overstretch ourselves and we only have a small budget, but for what we spent we pulled it off.”

All these fantastic pictures were taken by Free Press photographer Don Jackson-Wyatt.