Thousands turned out to enjoy the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod’s 70th anniversary town parade.

The streets of Llangollen were filled with music, colour and sounds of joy on Friday as the International Eisteddfod’s annual parade burst through the town.

Despite a cloudy start to the day weather remained good for the parade, although nothing could have dampened its participants’ spirits. In line with tradition, Terry Waite CBE and the Chairman of the International Eisteddfod, Dr Rhys Davies, headed up the colourful procession in a vintage car.

The parade saw representatives from some of the 29 countries at this year’s festival including, India, Australia, China, South Africa and Wales, singing and dancing together in the streets in the spirit of friendship, unity and peace.

Spectators, who sang and clapped along to the music, were treated by members of the parade to the gift of national flags, impromptu dance lessons and cheerful high fives. 

Dr Rhys Davies, chairman of the International Eisteddfod, said: “The town parade was - as it always is - a real highlight of this year’s festival. We are told that the numbers on the street increased from last year’s 7,000, which is fantastic news.

“Seeing people of all ages, from all nations and cultures, coming together to share their musical and performance traditions with spectators and one another was truly heart-warming.

“The town gave us a fantastic reception for our 70th anniversary parade. It’s a tradition that truly encapsulates the spirit of the International Eisteddfod and one I hope will continue for another 70 years and beyond.”

Pictures by Craig Colville / NWN Media