A royal super fan is to put over a hundred photos of Princess Diana on display to help raise money for a church roof.

Colin Edwards, 76, has been collecting Royal memorabilia since he was 12 years old.

He has also travelled the length and breadth of the country photographing royals on public appearances.

Many of the photos of Diana on display at St Peter’s Ruthin, which run from 1981 to her funeral in 1997, have never been put on display before.

Colin said: “They’re mainly close-ups I took of walkabouts, she got to recognise me after two or three years and would speak to me over the barriers

“When I was putting the exhibition together I found albums and old photos I hadn’t seen for years. They’re in my opinions, the best ones with a few favourites included, mainly close ups.

“She was very easy to photograph, very photogenic. Diana was always so friendly and animated whenever she met people.

“It looks back over the 60 times or so I met her, and I’ve arranged them in chronological order, so people can see how hairstyles and fashions changed.”

Colin has had an interest in the royals since he was a boy.

“I suppose what stimulated my interest was the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. I’m 76 now and was only 12 then and still at school during the Coronation in 1953

“My dad bought a 14 inch telly; we were only the second family in the street in Ruthin to have one.

“My mum invited everyone in to see it, it lasted hours, making endless cups of tea and sandwiches.

“My mum is a great Royalist, and she used to talk about the Royals when she was young. I compiled scrapbooks and bought books with my pocket money

“I was always into photography and the two interests gelled, so I decided to start taking days off from work to go to events.

“Looking at these pictures brought back a lot of happy memories. I camped out for the Royal Wedding outside St Pauls in 1981, that’s what prompted me to follow Diana about.

“I camped out on the Mall for her funeral in 1997, it was particularly emotional seeing her sons walking behind her coffin with Charles and Earl Spencer, I’ve included two of those pictures as well.”