A County councillor says dogs could be banned from Moel Famau after a fourth lamb was attacked in four weeks.

Cllr Huw Williams, who represents the area on Denbighshire County Council, says he sees dogs off their leads every time he goes up to Moel Famau.

He also says whilst his preference is for more signage to inform dog owners of the need to keep dogs on leads, more drastic measures could be considered

Cllr Williams said: “We’ve got a meeting up there on Friday morning. I’ve come to the end of my tether on things not being done to control dogs up there.

“We’ll either have to have a permanant ban on dogs, or more signage. It’s come to that stage where something has to be done

“Putting pictures on social media isn’t getting through to the irresponsible dog owners. There are good dog owners and we don’t want to spoil the country for them, but it happens every week,

“Until something’s done up there, whether it’s an enforcement notice for dogs, we can’t police it 24 hours a day, but my view is we need signage all the way up to the monument to warn people that their dogs can kill sheep.

“There are well behaved dogs, and others which have never seen a sheep and will just run.

“The farmer’s losing 30 animals a year up there. Those sheep have been there for three or four hundred years and the one the other day was a female. They aren’t replaceable. You can’t just buy another.

“I go running three times a week up there and there are always dogs off leads. People need to respect the countryside.”

The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty authority pleaded with dog owners on Facebook, writing: “Another lamb killed on Moel Famau today by a dog. The dog was not on a lead because the owner was certain it wasn’t interested in sheep. That’s four lambs killed or injured on Moel Famau in the last month.

“Please keep your dogs on a lead when visiting Moel Famau. Even your dog can kill or injure sheep and risks being destroyed.”