Old rodent droppings, chicken stored on the floor and a manager who “does not recognise or accept the need for food safety and hygiene controls” are just some of the reasons a curry house was given a zero rating for food hygiene by Environmental Health officers.

Ruthin Tandoori on Wynnstay Road received the rating from Denbighshire County Council officers after a visit on May 31.

The restaurant was then given time to turn things around with a follow-up on June 5 with many of the issues still unresolved.

The report stated numerous problems with hygiene and food storage.

According to the report: “At the time of the visit a case of chicken was being stored on the floor with a dirty mop placed on top.”

“During the inspection it was noted that there were old rodent droppings under equipment/tables.

“The wash hand basin was not in regular use. There was no soap at the wash hand basin in the main cooking room.

“The wash hand basin to the pot wash room was surrounded by raw meat and obstructed by the waste bin.”

“The same surface/s in the pot wash room were being used for preparing raw and ready to eat foods. This creates a risk of cross contamination.

“A quantity of cooked rice was left out at room temperature. To prevent toxins forming in the cooked rice, you should either keep it hot (above 63ºC) or cool it as quickly as possible and store it in the refrigerator at or below 8ºC prior to being reheated for sale

“As your chef indicated that raw food, i.e. chicken is washed in the sink before cooking. Any raw foods that are washed will produce splashing from the water to nearby / surrounding areas of the sink. This can result in cross contamination that could lead to food poisoning.

When considering the confidence in management, and control procedures, the report said there was a “Poor track record of compliance. Little or no technical knowledge. Little or no appreciation of hazards, risk or quality control. No food safety management procedures.

“(The) manager does not recognise or accept the need for food safety and hygiene controls.”

Ruthin Tandoori has been approached for comment.