A 73-year-old woman who shaved her head for Macmillan Cancer Care says it was all worthwhile - despite bursting into tears upon seeing her reflection.

Flo Blakeley, who lives in Denbigh, managed to raise over £800 by braving the shave on Friday.

Watched on by the Mayor and local councillors, Lianne, from Clair’s Hairdressing, took the clippers to the 73-year-old’s hair.

Flo said: “It went fantastically well on the day.

“I had quite a lot of supporters; the Mayor of Denbigh Roy Tickle and his wife Gaynor (were there), as well as my husband and son.

“Afterwards, actually, I was fine until my son showed me the mirror as I hadn’t seen it and well, oh my gosh, I was crying at that stage.

“After that, then I was fine and everyone was cheering - it was really lovely.

“Everyone has said it was very brave.

“I’ve had so many congratulations and so many well-wishers on Facebook.

“I know I can’t thank everyone, but everyone at Cysgodfa has been great.”

Flo had set out to raise about £400, but she has raised much more than she expected for MacMillan Cancer Care.

“I haven’t had anything on my head since, I’ve just gone out as I am, although I’ve actually come down with a cold since,” said Flo.

“The people of Denbigh have been great.

“I don’t come from Denbigh originally, but they’re so very, very kind, they’ve been brilliant.

“I managed to raise double what I thought it would do, we’re on £850.50 and I’ve still got a bit more to come in before I send it in.”

County councillor for Denbigh Lower Rhys Thomas said: “She’s a very brave woman.

“She was brave to do it (and) she’s suffering from a form of Leukaemia herself, but she had a room full of people present.

” I was there as the county councillor, alongside the Mayor, and it was really good to see the housing department out as well.

“They also provided an afternoon tea, and sandwiches and cakes as well.

“She might well raise about £1,000 in the end and it shows what a good community centre Cysgodfa, is as they do a lot of this sort of thing.”