A former hotel left to rot could be replaced with a brand new 39 bed building if developers get their way.

The Bryn Morfydd Hotel and Lodge Park near Llanraeadr DC closed in January 2009 in what were described at the time as mysterious circumstances.

The hotel which is connected to two golf courses was well known for it’s wedding receptions and special events and was sold in June that year after being advertised for sale at £700,000 but was not brought back into use despite several planning applications.

The proposals would see the existing hotel demolished and replaced with a new 39 bed building alongside 42 lodges with 227 car aprking spaces - 110 more than the previous hotel.

The document states: “By now the hotel would require significant renovation works and structural repair to bring it back into use.

“In addition, to get the building in its current form to comply with current building regulations would be near impossible.

“The run-down appearance of the site creates an eyesore in the open countryside and the Council have previously shown commitment towards the renovation of the building.”