A woman whose cat was subject to a horrific attack from a dog that left it’s life in the balance says the response has been heartwarming.

Last week, Kim Purkis’s ginger cat Harry wandered off from home in Ruthin.

Eventually, when Kim found him she discovered the poor cat had been mauled by a dog. Harry wasn’t given much hope by the vets but now looks like he could pull through.

Kim says the response from her neighbours and even those further afield has been heartwarming

“I don’t let him out very often but he always goes straight down the hill to sit by the neighbour’s front garden,” she said.

“One day he didn’t come back. I called and called, and I heard him answering back so thought I’d just woken him up

“So I waited a bit longer and I called again and heard where the cry was from, he was lying in a garden and couldn’t move.

“I’m not sure what happened, he just about died, he’s been at the vet for over a week now, but he is covered in wounds. There was one really bad one where it’s ripped all his skin off, and they thought he’d lost circulation there,

“Eventually they said they had good news, as the blood supply has come back, so he has a chance of recovering, but it will be a long long time I see him each day as he won’t eat unless I feed him

“But what’s so nice is the people of Ruthin, I put on Facebook about it as if there’s a dog attacking cats people should know to keep their pets indoors. Someone suggested setting up a justgiving page and I’ve had over £200 from people there.

“The way that the people in Ruthin and further afield have supported me and my cat, it’s tremendous.”