A town is being blighted by a pile of rubbish untouched by refuse collectors for nearly three months.

The pile of bin bags which is visible to visitors and locals alike as they drive along the A5 has grown after the council refused to collect any rubbish left outside of wheelie bins.

The huge pile of up to 25 bags, many of which have burst open, are on a lane between Church House and The Royal Oak pub.

However the council say it is not responsible as the bags sit on private land, with the six wheelie bins provided enough for normal refuse collection.

One resident wrote: “It looks an eyesore and Denbighshire County Council should just clear it, to get that much rubbish into the right bin at this time is impossible, and they have a duty to clear it, before it becomes a health and safety issue.

Another wrote: “It’s the first thing tourists and holiday makers see as they enter town. I’m not surprised they don’t stop. It’s disgusting to say the least.”

Another wrote: “I am trying to run a tourism business, Denbighshire County County Council promotes tourism, my guests are staring through the windows at this.”

According to the council, dumping of black bags has been a problem in the location for some time.

A spokesman for the Council said: “We are responsible for picking up refuse bags from public land, but these rubbish bags are actually on private land. As such it is the responsibility of the landlord/landowner to arrange disposal of the bags.”