The Ruthin Opens Doors event starts this weekend with historic buildings from around the town opening up to the public.

The ever popular event is spread over two weekends, on September 2 and 3 in the town itself with properties in the Ruthin District outside of the town open on the weekend of September 9 and 10.

Organisers, The Ruthin and District Civic Association say it gives residents and visitors alike the chance to step inside and explore the town’s hidden treasures.

Judy Craig from the Civic Association said: “In town it’s not only churches, chapels and castles – actually only one of the latter – that are open, but historic buildings, shops, homes, the Old Gaol and Archives.

“The second half of Ruthin’s Open Doors is even more of a treasure trove of delights. We are offered an opportunity to visit a farm, the prestigious Rhug Estate farm. As well as a couple of gracious hall houses, Plasnewydd at Llanfair D.C. and Nantclwyd Hall although here it is only the gardens that surround the hall that are open.

More information can be found ahead of the event at Ruthin Library.