The town of Ruthin welcomed the Royal Welsh on Saturday, alongside the regimental goat Fusilier Llewelyn.

Hundreds lined the streets as 130 members of the regiment marched into town to receive reaffirmation of the Freedom of Denbighshire, awarded by Denbighshire County Council back in June 2011.

The regiment is based at the Hightown Barracks in Wrexham.

Mayor of Ruthin Cllr Jim Bryant described the occasion as the highlight of his year.

“It was an excellent turnout, as many as for the festival , maybe more, and the display was fantastic as well,” he said.

“The commanding officer had a bit of a slip of the tongue.

“He said ‘It’s great to be in Denbigh’ and a whisper did go round the audience, but he corrected himself and made up for it!

“There was the band playing and with the inspection of the troops it was thoroughly enjoyable.

“There was a bit of a do in the town hall, with food and drinks for the squaddies and everyone else - it was a really good day.

“The regimental goat did follow us into the town hall, but I think he was escorted out.

“The whole day was spot on - it’s been the highlight of my year as Mayor so far.”

County councillor for Ruthin Huw Hilditch-Roberts said: “It was an honour for Ruthin to hold this event with an amazing turnout of young and old, every generation, and especially a warm welcome for the substitute goat Llewelyn, who was thrown in at the last minute due to Shenkin’s illness

“It’s an honour for the town and a mark of the respect we have for the amazing work that the regiment carry out.”