A woman who hasn’t seen her Ruthin-born father since 1980 is appealing for help in tracing him.

Rhiannon Storrs, 37, herself a mother of two young boys, is hoping to trace her father with the hope of her children meeting their biological grandfather for the first time.

David Gwynfor Jones was born in June 1952 and would have just turned 65.

Rhiannon, who grew up in Barry, South Glamorgan before moving to Rotherham, has been trying to piece together her family history for 24 years.

Rhiannon said: “He was a big darts player and when he was with my mum, we lived in Barry.

“We thought we had a lead, a man called Bryan Williams said he’d seen him four years ago, and said he still lived in North Wales, where he moved after he split up with my mum.

“I’ve tried all different roots over the years but I don’t know which way to go now.

“I did see a picture of someone called Buck Jones, known as David Jones receiving a trophy in the darts in a newspaper that could have been him but to be honest, I don’t even know what he looks like. That was over in Dolgellau, playing for a team over there.

“So, someone forwarded me an address and a phone number.

“A lady answered and just said no, wrong number and put the phone down on me – so I don’t know if it’s right or wrong

“We know his birth was registered in Ruthin in June 1952

“My mum remembers him having a sister called Eileen but it could have been a middle name and that was what they called her – but I can’t find an Eileen Jones

“He’ll be 65, he’s due to retire, but he was self employed driving a tipper truck the last time he was seen.

“I only have one very blurry picture of him, he was in the background of a picture at a wedding that my cousin had.”

Rhiannon has two of her own children and although she has a stepfather, she hopes to find this last piece of her family history for her children.

“I have two boys, one is ten and one’s coming up to eight now. It’d be nice for them to meet their biological grandfather.

“It’s curiosity more than anything. I know he was a brilliant darts player, he was also in the army but my mum can’t remember when. I also know he had a flat in Colwyn Bay where he moved after he split up with my mum.

“I could have a whole other family out there that we don’t know about.”

Anyone with information should email josh.morris@nwn.co.uk