LAND is being sought by Denbighshire County Council to create two purpose-built gypsy and traveller camps in the county.

The council says it intends to build one site for transitory use and one for residential use.

The sites will provide the Roma Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities with suitable accommodation, with the council hoping the sites will reduce the number of unauthorised encampments.

Nicola Subbings, corporate director for communities in Denbighshire, said: “Our needs assessment identified the need for a residential site, a permanent site for six pitches for an extended family group who have a need for culturally appropriate accommodation.

“The assessment also identified the need to develop provision for an authorised transit site for four to five pitches, and that’s for gypsies and travellers who are moving through the county.”

Both Roma Gypsies and Irish Traveller groups are registered ethnic minorities and are protected against discrimination by legislation. According to the 2011 census there are 34 individuals belonging to either group living in the county.

Between 2011 and 2015 there were 20 recorded unauthorised encampments with an average of four caravans on each.

The call for land finishes on November 8.

Any expressions of interest should be forwarded to For more information, visit: